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Stroke – one of the top 3 life-threatening diseases in Hong Kong

Don’t ever think you are too young to have a stroke, this disease is on the rise among young adults. Heart disease , cancer and stroke are the top three life-threatening diseases in Hong Kong, so it is better to buy an insurance plan that covers these diseases at an early age.

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Is Dementia reversible?

The symptoms of Dementia can be relieved through medication. Dementia is irreversible, progression would be delayed if early preventive measures are taken, such as maintain a healthy lifestyle. Do exercises to stimulate your brain and strengthen your body in leisure time.

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A true story of Kara Wai – Being a Dementia caregiver

Caregivers to Dementia patients have many unexpected expenses to consider. Ranging from daily essentials, nursing, medical and transportation fees etc, it is crucial to have enough money on hand.

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Dementia is not for the elderly only

What are you doing tonight at 11? Kara Wai’s mother once asked her to buy fruit at that hour! Perceiving the symptoms of Dementia to be a natural part of aging, Kara was misled — delaying the diagnosis and treatment of her mother.

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