Uphold the promises to you and your loved ones with tips on how to protect yourself and your finances.

Look after yourself to look after a dementia patient

When you’re taking care of a dementia patient, even a sticky note or a clutter-free home can be a big help! If the pressure is getting to you, make sure you take good care of yourself and get some support.

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Dementia Symptom Alert! Attention, everyone!

Elderlies can be a little irritable sometimes, but frequent temper tantrums could be a sign of dementia! Watch out for behavioural changes in your family members. Early detection is better than knowing late.

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Parenting insights from a psychologist

How should we spend time with our kids during COVID-19? When are they ready to study overseas? Should kids be taught differently at home than at school? Clinical psychologist Charlotte Tang shares her thoughts.

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One photo is all it takes to assess dementia risks

Dementia is becoming increasingly common, but the ARIA test developed by Prof Benny Zee and his team enables us to easily determine our risks of dementia and stroke, and to better prevent them.

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Which type of insurance should you buy first?

Savings or critical illness plan? If it’s right for you, one policy is all you need. Find out the differences between having and not having insurance protection, and how it can help you in times of illness.

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Do you know the different types of medical insurance?

General medical insurance, critical illness plans, VHIS. Can you tell them apart? The more you know about different medical insurance products, the better the choices you can make for yourself and your family.

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Hearing is healing - music for the pandemic

Managing our mental wellbeing during this time is as important as managing our physical health. During the current pandemic, music can play an important role in improving your mood and combating stress.

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Stay in, work out!

Working from home can help lower the risk of infection, but working out is important too. That’s why we’ve prepared a series of simple exercises to help everyone maintain their physical and mental health.

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Fighting Novel Coronavirus: Eat well before you run

There are many dos and don’ts for pre-exercise diets. Dietitian Sylvia Lam has offered some useful guidelines on foods to eat and avoid before a run. Check to see if you’ve been neglecting any of them!

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