Uphold the promises to you and your loved ones with tips on how to protect yourself and your finances. And take the challenge in LIFE Dojo to win the fabulous prize.

The ABCs of Prevention and Protection

Dr. Wing Chan explains in detail the 5 keys to preventing Novel Coronavirus infection, including choosing the right mask, washing your hands, and what to do after contact with suspected virus carriers.

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Novel Coronavirus: The 3-min. Crash Course

Dr. Wing Chan, our Chief Medical Affairs, presents the key facts about Novel Coronavirus: how it's transmitted, how to prevent infection, what distinguishes it from other viruses, and more.

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Protect yourself, guard against the Novel Coronavirus

Does your insurance policy cover Novel Coronavirus infection? Find out what you need to protect yourself and your loved ones in times of uncertainty.

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Don’t know why you need a medical plan?

Don’t wait till you‘re ill to find out. Make sure you understand the coverage and claim procedures before you take up a policy. And check to see if it offers any value-added services that would be really helpful.

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How to choose the right medical insurance plan for you?

Plans that are backed by medical network typically offer an extensive list of doctors and hospitals for you to choose from. Some even support cashless hospital discharge. So make the right selection, for your full satisfaction.

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Passing both wealth and protection onto your loved ones

Some insurance plans help you accumulate wealth while offering critical illnesses coverage. You may also pass on both protection and savings to your loved ones by changing the policy ownership and life insured.

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How do you find the best possible doctor?

Having the right treatment options in times of need is critical. Value-added medical care services give you access to a broader network of leading specialists and hospitals for the best possible care.

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Our promise to you: High-Risk Breast Surveillance Programme Sponsorship

Is breast cancer hereditary? Regular screening for early detection which will increase your chances of recovery

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A pioneering health and saving plan gives you access to Harvard-level medical care services

A new insurance plan has recently been launched which provides additional critical illness protection along with long-term wealth accumulation. You’ll receive financial support for medical expenses when in need, plus value-added services of seeking professional advices from Harvard-level medical specialists.

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