Uphold the promises to you and your loved ones with tips on how to protect yourself and your finances.

A pioneering health and saving plan gives you access to Harvard-level medical care services

A new insurance plan has recently been launched which provides additional critical illness protection along with long-term wealth accumulation. You’ll receive financial support for medical expenses when in need, plus value-added services of seeking professional advices from Harvard-level medical specialists.

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Passing both wealth and protection onto your loved ones

Some insurance plans help you accumulate wealth while offering critical illnesses coverage. You may also pass on both protection and savings to your loved ones by changing the policy ownership and life insured.

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Stroke – one of the top 3 life-threatening diseases in Hong Kong

Don’t ever think you are too young to have a stroke, this disease is on the rise among young adults. Heart disease , cancer and stroke are the top three life-threatening diseases in Hong Kong, so it is better to buy an insurance plan that covers these diseases at an early age.

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Restarting your healthy work day

It’s good to be back at the office. But after working from home for so long, do you remember all the health pitfalls of your office routine? Check out the handy tips below to work better and stay healthier.

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How much do you know about the new vaccines?

The government has introduced COVID-19 vaccines to the public to combat infection. Here’s a roundup of the key facts you should be aware of.

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Start moving towards your reward step by step, today!

Get fitter, and you can be a world-beater! And now you even have a chance to get rewarded by walking 9,000 steps each day. For your health, and your loved ones’ future, take the first step today!

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This year, stay healthy and taste the good life!

Have a healthy, happy new year! While you’re staying home to help fight the pandemic, why not cook up a few nutritious, delicious dishes for your family? But don’t forget to keep exercising in between feasts!

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Safety tips for hitting your 9,000-step target each day

Even if it’s just walking, safety comes first! What should you be mindful of before and after a walk? What about sportswear and warm-up exercises? Know more, walk farther. Recommended walking tracks included!

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Every day, you can become 9,000 steps healthier

How far do you have to walk to cover 9,000 steps? And for how long? Is it hard to achieve a daily step count of 9,000 if you work in an office? Check out these tips and you’ll see it’s easier than you think.

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