Uphold the promises to you and your loved ones with tips on how to protect yourself and your finances.

How should parents plan their children’s future?

Parents should handle financial and education planning with care. Besides ensuring your child will have access to sufficient fund for education, it is also important to protect the asset.

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Pave a brighter road for your children’s education

When it comes to a better foundation for your child's education, STEM education is one of the tickets. Learn more about STEM and how you can pave a brighter road for your children with prudent savings.

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A long term life insurance plan with potential tax benefits

By purchasing a Qualifying Deferred Annuity Policy certified by Insurance Authority (‘’IA”), in addition to the protection and saving benefits, you are also able to enjoy potential income tax deduction both as an individual taxpayer or as taxpaying couple.

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SPY’s enjoyable retirement

Plan early for a carefree retirement! SPY, the cute corgi of Uncle Siu, is here to demonstrate ways to achieve a perfect retirement plan!

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