Uphold the promises to you and your loved ones with tips on how to protect yourself and your finances.

How to name a beneficiary smart?

You have control over who you name as a beneficiary. However, just make sure you know what is "insurable interest” that must exist between the policyholder, life insured and beneficiary at policy issuance.

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A travel insurance plan that suits your needs

Check off your adventurous bucket list when you’re still young. It is important to choose a travel insurance plan that suits your needs. Make sure you’ve checked carefully whether your interested activities are included in your plan before you travel.

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Travel Insurance - Trip Cancellation

Booking flights for your summer getaways? It’s always the best to buy insurance as early as possible, up to 90 days prior to the commencement of the trip; otherwise, you won’t be covered if the conditions exist prior to the purchase.

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Premium financing – Let’s start with the basics

Want a life policy that covers your protection needs and lets you maintain cash flow? Premium financing may be worth considering. Watch this episode to learn more.

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College of Insuranceology – savings insurance policy

The start of a new life stage often calls for substantial savings to support new goals. Find out the difference between endowment plans and time deposits. One of them could well be your “wonder saver”!

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Premium financing decoded

You probably know what “premiums” are, and have a working knowledge of the concept of “financing”. But what is “premium financing”? When do you need it? What is it for?

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College of Insuranceology – pre-policy assessments

Why do we need to answer so many questions before purchasing insurance? What are Risk Profiling Questionnaire, Financial Needs Analysis, Financial Health Check for? Watch the video to find out more.

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College of Insuranceology – Life Insurance

There are three categories of life insurance: term, whole life and savings. What are the differences? Learn more about them so you can choose the most suitable protection for yourself.

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College of Insuranceology – decoding insurance terms

Does your mind always go blank when you’re reading an insurance policy? Policyholder, life insured, insurable interest, insured amount . . . can’t even tell them apart? Watch the video tutorial to find out!

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