Uphold the promises to you and your loved ones with tips on how to protect yourself and your finances.

QDAP Tax Deduction Tutorial - now in session!

Want to get part of your Qualifying Deferred Annuity premiums tax-deducted? First, you have to know how to fill in your tax return form! With our Tax Deduction Tutorial, that’s exactly what you’ll learn to do!

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Your typhoon season safety net: home insurance

Do you think damages caused by household accidents are only the landlord's responsibility? That’s not true! Typhoon season is coming. Don’t just tape up the windows. Protect yourself with home insurance too!

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For tenants’ peace of mind: home insurance

Home insurance is not only important during typhoon season. Burglary, burst pipes and more can happen year-round. So for safety’s sake, buying a home insurance policy is essential for both owners and tenants.

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Using an annuity plan to expand your business

An annuity plan can be used as a capital reserve to fund business expansion or meet other business needs. Watch the case study in our video. You may find inspiration for the next part of your life journey.

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Annuities are not the elderly’s monopoly

An annuity can give you a lot more than just a retirement income. If you’re supporting school-age children and looking into different financial tools, find out how an annuity can serve as their education fund.

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Public and private annuities – know the difference!

Buying an annuity early for retirement has been a hot topic recently. But there are public and private annuities, and some are even tax-deductible. Please figure out which plan is right for you before you buy!

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How to reach your savings goal effectively?

Two of the most common savings tools are time deposits and fixed-term endowment. What are the differences between the two? Whether you currently have a savings goal, it’s always good to know more.

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How do you meet your needs in different life stages?

Three friends, about the same age, arriving at three different life stages, with their own priorities. How much do you see yourself in them? and how can protection solutions help along your life journey?

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A life policy can turned into an enduring legacy

If you want to pass your wealth to the next generation, life insurance plan can help your legacy planning from wealth accumulation to wealth transfer and even estate equalization.

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