Uphold the promises to you and your loved ones with tips on how to protect yourself and your finances.

VHIS insights – Tax Season

Filling in your tax return form is not always easy, but if you do it right, you could enjoy tax savings. The annual premium for each VHIS policy is good for up to HKD8,000 in taxable income deduction per person per year. There are just a few things to keep in mind when you’re applying for tax deduction.

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Spotlight on technology-enhanced learning

Technology-enhanced learning is becoming increasingly mature. Be sure to keep up with new trends in education to help your children become more effective learners.

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Twin solutions for saving tax and retiring well

If you want your retirement to be enjoyable, a steady income and medical protection are indispensable! Want to save for your retirement and save on tax now? Let’s take a look at how Simon does it!

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Are there secret weapons to help you save faster?

We all know the benefits of saving money, but it’s often easier said than done when you have different financial obligations to meet! Don’t give up. Here are some tips on developing effective saving habits.

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Digital Policy Value Projection for protection planning

It’s the first of its kind in Hong Kong! It lets you preview your policy’s projected values and more, anytime, anywhere, and includes interactive functions for higher transparency and more efficient management!

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QDAP Tax Deduction Tutorial - now in session!

Want to get part of your Qualifying Deferred Annuity premiums tax-deducted? First, you have to know how to fill in your tax return form! With our Tax Deduction Tutorial, that’s exactly what you’ll learn to do!

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Your typhoon season safety net: home insurance

Do you think damages caused by household accidents are only the landlord's responsibility? That’s not true! Typhoon season is coming. Don’t just tape up the windows. Protect yourself with home insurance too!

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For tenants’ peace of mind: home insurance

Home insurance is not only important during typhoon season. Burglary, burst pipes and more can happen year-round. So for safety’s sake, buying a home insurance policy is essential for both owners and tenants.

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Using an annuity plan to expand your business

An annuity plan can be used as a capital reserve to fund business expansion or meet other business needs. Watch the case study in our video. You may find inspiration for the next part of your life journey.

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