How do people in Hong Kong save on travel?

In Hong Kong, it seems everyone is either planning a trip, or on one!

And to tempt saving more while travelling, there are weekly travel magazines, TV travel shows, blogs, video blogs and ads serving up a non-stop buffet of exotic locations and attractions with all sorts of great deals and bargains for experience seekers to drool over.

In fact, the locals love their travel so much they often tag their annual leave to public holidays to create long weekends so they can take longer trips. People’s antennae are constantly tuned to news of discounted hotel rooms and airline tickets as well as the latest credit card offers.

Speaking of credit card offers, don’t forget to use your HSBC credit card next time you book a holiday. You can earn up to 2.4% RewardCash on online and overseas spending. The more places you go, the more rewards you get!

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