FAQs for new HSBC customers

HSBC is the largest bank in Hong Kong, and one of the leading financial services organizations in the world. With a wealth of local insights backed by a seamless global network, it’s here to meet all your banking and financial needs, wherever in the world you are from.

Q1 Where is the nearest HSBC Express Banking Centre?

HSBC has a network of Express Banking Centres in Hong Kong to ensure a fast and convenient banking experience for you. Please click the below for our Express Banking locator.

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Q2 Where can I download the HSBC mobile apps?

To download the HSBC HK Mobile Banking, PayMe from HSBC or HSBC Reward+ apps, simply click below.

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Q3 Can I bind my account to HSBC to check my account balance on WeChat?

Yes, you can easily bind your HSBC HK Personal Internet Banking account to HSBC HK WeChat Official Account, which would allow you to check your account balance even when you’re on WeChat:

  1. Search and follow HSBC Hong Kong Business WeChat Official Account (ID: hsbc-hongkong)
  2. Click “More” on the menu bar, then select “Account Binding”
  3. Follow the simple in-app instructions to set up the account binding service
  4. Once that is complete, you can check your account balance directly on WeChat, anytime, anywhere!
Q4 How can I view all my local and overseas HSBC accounts in one place?

To use Global View, you must have Personal Internet Banking set up successfully in your local and overseas HSBC accounts.

Simply log on to your own Personal Internet Banking to set it up:

  1. Log on via the Personal Internet Banking service in any country or territory where you hold an Integrated Account under HSBC Jade, HSBC Premier or HSBC One
  2. View all your accounts across HSBC entities worldwide and link them up by selecting “Add / Remove a country or territory” under Global View on the “My banking” menu
  3. Complete a one-off linking process to other Personal Internet Banking profiles after providing the security credentials
  4. Linking will be effective in all entity systems involved and now you can view all your personal HSBC bank accounts with one single log-on
Q5 I can never remember my Branch Code and account number when I’m filling out forms. Does my ATM card tell me what they are?

Your HSBC ATM card has a 12-digit number. The first 3 digits represent your Branch Code, and the following 9 digits are your account number.

So, for example, if the number on your ATM card is 123 456 789 001, your Branch Code is 123, and your account number is 456 789 001.

Remember, though, that Branch Code and Bank Code are not the same. The Bank Code of HSBC is 004.

HSBC Bank Code: 004
Branch Code: 123
Account Number: 456 789 001

Q7 If I need assistance, how can I get in touch?

Simply call one of the customer service hotlines below, and we’d be happy to help.

By phone

HSBC Jade customers
+852 2233 3033

HSBC Premier customers
+852 2233 3322

HSBC One and other customers
+852 2233 3000

International Banking Centre (International account opening and overseas mortgage)
+852 2233 3888

You can also go to www.hsbc.com.hk/help/contact/ or visit any of our branches.