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QDAP Tax Deduction Tutorial - now in session!

Want to get part of your Qualifying Deferred Annuity premiums tax-deducted? First, you have to know how to fill in your tax return form! With our Tax Deduction Tutorial, that’s exactly what you’ll learn to do!

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Public and private annuities – know the difference!

Buying an annuity early for retirement has been a hot topic recently. But there are public and private annuities, and some are even tax-deductible. Please figure out which plan is right for you before you buy!

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A long term life insurance plan with potential tax benefits

By purchasing a Qualifying Deferred Annuity Policy certified by Insurance Authority (‘’IA”), in addition to the protection and saving benefits, you are also able to enjoy potential income tax deduction both as an individual taxpayer or as taxpaying couple.

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SPY’s enjoyable retirement

Plan early for a carefree retirement! SPY, the cute corgi of Uncle Siu, is here to demonstrate ways to achieve a perfect retirement plan!

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