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ILAS plans vs. funds

Both can be good investments but there are significant differences in both quality and quantity. For the last ILAS lecture, we show you how to evaluate plans and find the right one for yourself.

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What are the risks associated with ILAS?

It’s the 5th lecture in our ILAS series already, let’s go off-campus this time and travel to a farm to learn another important topic - never forget to consider different risk factors.

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Know what ILAS fees and charges to expect

You may not be an actuary, but it’s important to know how premiums are calculated. In the 4th lecture on ILAS, we talk about premium levels…you probably didn’t know premiums can also rise or fall

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Investment-linked assurance schemes - you have a choice

Combining investment and protection makes for more possibilities, including various potential returns and rewards. For the 3rd lecture on ILAS, we use high tea as an analogy to explain the basics.

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Understanding investment-linked assurance schemes (ILAS)

Whether you’re investing or buying insurance to protect your future, you need to know the products. In the 2nd lecture on ILAS, we cover the key points, like the fact that prices can rise or fall.

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Illustrated guide to investing in ILAS products

An overview of ILAS categories can help you choose the right plan. For the 1st lecture on ILAS, we combines pictures and words to illustrate different types of plans, protections and investments.

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How do you meet your needs in different life stages?

Three friends, about the same age, arriving at three different life stages, with their own priorities. How much do you see yourself in them? and how can protection solutions help along your life journey?

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