Hong Kong is great, but I’ll still miss home once in a while. What to do?

Not to worry. Hong Kong is such a melting pot of cultures, you don’t have to hop on a plane every time you feel homesick. Just stay right here in town and there’s a good chance that home will come to you.

The city hosts many expat communities, whose presence has helped inspire a calendar full of international festivals.

There are annual parties for beer and wine lovers, regular food fairs showcasing different national and regional cuisines, and international festivals covering film, music, dance and the arts. It all makes for an intoxicating cocktail of cultural experiences that has something for every taste and nationality. Wherever you’re from, home is always closer than you think.

And if you need to make the banking arrangement with family or friends back home, there is always HSBC’s International Banking Centre with its full suite of services for all your banking connections between your home country and adopted city!

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