Love bonds us all. Angie meets her precious one

In this episode, Angie Cheong reflects on her relationship with her son, Hanson, and also discusses her hopes and dreams since becoming a mother. The story inspires how the power of love can surpass the limit of blood relations! HSBC Insurance has now officially expanded the range of acceptable beneficiaries so that a diverse range of unique relationships can all be protected. Watch the video with audio to hear Angie and feel the affection between them!

Love bonds us all. Jack & Tina guarding each other

In this episode, a millennial couple Jack and Tina share their views on romantic relationship and commitment. HSBC Insurance believes that the unconditional love in a romantic relationship is worthy of lifelong protection. HSBC Insurance has now expanded the range of acceptable beneficiaries, providing couples with a lifelong guarantee even without a marriage certificate. Watch the video to learn about Jack and Tina’s love story!

Love bonds us all. Vincci Cheuk protects her loved one

Age is no obstacle when it comes to a meaningful relationship. In this episode, Vincci Cheuk shares some special moments she has enjoyed with her grandmother and their views about lifelong protection. In a modern society where family comes in different forms, HSBC Insurance has expanded the range of acceptable beneficiaries, allowing you to protect your loved ones with a life-long commitment. Watch the video with audio on to witness the precious love between Vincci and her grandmother!

Love bonds us all: Jonny & Thomas stand strong together

In this episode, HSBC invites Jonny and his same-sex partner Thomas to share the story of how they met and their relationship challenges. A committed relationship flourishes not only thanks to fate and the strong will of the partner involved, but also other external support. Watch the video to understand more on how HSBC Insurance’s expansion of acceptable beneficiaries can protect every unique relationship.