what is HSBC trade25?

Lifetime <span>$0</span> commission

HSBC Trade25 is a $0 commission stock trading program offers aged 18-351 HK traders a lifetime2 $0 commission and $0 platform fees on US, HK and China A stock trading (including ETFs)

<span>Unlimited</span> trades

$0 commission and $0 platform fee apply to the first HKD250,000 trading volumes every month, no matter how many transactions you have made, without any hidden fees!

Discover how Trade25 beats other brokers with its simple pricing and affordability!

Thinking that traditional banks always charge more than brokers for stock trading?

That’s incorrect! HSBC Trade25 can be a smarter option to help you save excessive costs!

You may have tried other brokers who claim “$0 commission” but conceal a lot of different hidden fees, which can easily confuse you and complicate your trading journey, for example:

Typical fees charged by other brokers
  US stocks HK stocks
Commission US$0.0049 per share
(minimum US$0.99 per transaction)
0.03% of transaction amount
(minimum HK$3 per transaction)
Platform fee US$0.005 per share,
(minimum US$1 per transaction)
HK$15 per transaction
Total cost in HK$ Total at least HK$163
per transaction
Total at least HK$18
per transaction

These misleading “commission-free” offers that can end up costing you more in the long run. Instead, opt for HSBC Trade25, the smarter choice for value-conscious investors. You can enjoy a lifetime of $0 commission and $0 platform fees on trading US, HK, and China A stocks for just HK$25 a month (you don't even need to pay this fee if no stock trading/holdings during the month). Choose HSBC Trade25 to trade with clarity and transparency!

Let us show you how much you can save to trade US stocks with Trade25!

*$0 commission is applicable to the first cumulative HK$250,000 trading volume per calendar month.
** HK$25 monthly fee (ie monthly custody fee) applies if there is stock trading or holding in the calendar month. This fee will not be charged if there is no stock trading or holding during the calendar month.
The above example is for illustration purposes only.

How to opt into Trade25?

Open an investment account with us first if you haven’t got one, then you can easily opt into Trade25 on our dedicated stock trading app - HSBC HK Easy Invest (Easy Invest app).

Simply download the Easy Invest app. Logon, select ‘Menu’ in the top left corner and then tap on ‘Trade25’ to join. You can then enjoy $0 commission stock trading by placing orders on our digital platforms - Easy Invest app, HSBC HK app or HSBC Online Banking. You can also track your monthly accumulated turnover in the Trade25 section on the Easy Invest app. Get started today!

With Easy Invest app, you can explore other awesome features:

  1. View the top 10 HK stocks that our top 5% performing traders4 are buying, selling and holding through HSBC TradeTrack
  2. Gain free access5 to Level 2 (Market Depth Information) real-time bid-ask queue for HK stocks and capture the best timing to buy or sell.
  3. Tap into real-time technical analytics for comprehensive investment insights. Benefit from market information and identity patterns like Head and Shoulders, Golden Cross, and more.

Download HSBC HK Easy Invest app now!

Download HSBC HK Easy Invest app now!

Simply opt into Trade25 on Easy Invest app and make 6 trades by 31st December this year, that’s all it takes to earn HK$1,000 Apple Store Gift Card6! Yes, it's that simple!

Sign up for <span class="red">Trade25</span>

Sign up for Trade25

Complete <span class="red">1<sup>st</sup> trade</span> to get HK$500 gift card

Complete 1st trade to get HK$500 gift card

Get <span class="red">HK$100</span> more gift card by competing each additional trade

Get HK$100 more gift card by competing each additional trade

Make 6 trades to earn <span class="red">HK$1,000</span> Apple Store gift card

Make 6 trades to earn HK$1,000 Apple Store gift card

Simple Requirement* by 31 December

Rewards (HK$ Apple Gift Card)

Sign up to Trade25 AND complete 1st trade


Complete 2nd Trade


Complete 3rd Trade


Complete 4th Trade


Complete 5th Trade


Complete 6th Trade


Maximum Apple Store Gift Card reward you can enjoy


*Please note that each eligible transaction must be completed on different days. That means multiple stock transactions completed within the same trading day will only be counted as one eligible stock transaction.
For details of the terms and conditions of the “Trader25 HK$1,000 Apple Store Gift Offer”, please visit here.

Great news – Apple Store Gift Card has no expiry date, so you can use it anytime you want6!

It is incredibly simple to earn a HK$1,000 Apple Store Gift Card!
Don’t hesitate - Act now and claim your rewards!


  1. Customers aged 26 to 35 can join HSBC Trade25. For details of the terms and conditions of the age extension offer, please visit here.
  2. Lifetime $0 commission' offer is applicable to customers who have joined HSBC Trade25. HSBC Trade25 customers who are 26 years old or above can stay opted-in to HSBC Trade25 if they meet the minimum transaction requirement every year from year 2025 onwards. $0 commission is applicable to the first cumulative HK$250,000 trading volume per calendar month, and HK$25 monthly fee will be collected for each customer account that has a securities transaction or holding in that month. Terms and conditions apply, please visit here for details.
  3. This is an approximate fee equivalent in HKD.
  4. The top 5% of HSBC traders refer to HSBC’s top 5% performing Personal Banking traders. They are active stock traders with the top 5% performance in their stock portfolio over the past 6 months.
  5. Free bid-ask queue monthly quota is 1,000 quotes for HSBC Premier Elite and Premier customers; 500 quotes for HSBC One and other customers. Thereafter charge HK$0.1 per quote. All unused quotes will be carried forward up to a maximum of 99,999 quotes with no expiry date.
  6. Apple Store Gift Cards are provided by Apple Asia Limited (“Apple”), and use of the Apple Store Gift Card is subject to the terms and conditions stated in the Apple Store Gift Card. HSBC shall have no obligations or liabilities whatsoever in relation to the use or applicability of the Apple Store Gift Card or goods and/or service(s) provided by Apple.


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Important Information:

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Risk Disclosure:

The Bank does not provide investment advice on stock trading. Stock trading services provided through any channel involve no solicitation of the sale or recommendation of, or advice on, any stocks from us. All transactions involving the purchase and sale of stocks that you enter into any channel are conducted on an execution-only basis and based on your own judgment; and are not in any way a confirmation or an endorsement from us that it is suitable for you.
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