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With HSBC MPF, it takes just a few simple steps to consolidate all your MPF accounts from past years into one lump sum, so you can earn potentially greater returns2. Your combined balance also counts towards your Total Relationship Balance (TRB), so you can enjoy more premium banking services and a fuller life.

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  1. Source of data: Total number of MPF accounts is 9,470,000. Data extracts from ‘Statistical Analysis of Accrued Benefits Held by Scheme Members of Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes’ published by Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority on September 2018.
  2. Investment involves risk and it may move up or down. The investment decision is yours that the product is suitable for you having regard to your financial situation, investment experience and investment objectives.


HSBC MPF: Empowering
you for a bright future

HSBC MPF empowers you with a robust retirement solution. It’s time to take this important step!

Bonus Unit Rewarding Offers

HSBC MPF provides you a special bonus unit of up to HKD700!

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MPF account consolidation

MPF Specialist of HSBC MPF schemes can help you consolidate your MPF accounts.

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