From starting and raising our families to entering our golden years, each stage of life brings its own needs and obligations. Our HSBC Family Goal Insurance Plan helps to safeguard your loved ones with life insurance protection plus enhancement of your life coverage for the first 20 years, allowing you to set sail in security throughout various stages of life.


Stay secured with 3-in-1 lifetime protection

Life protection throughout different stages of your life

Enjoy enhanced protection during the first 20 years of the policy with the sum insured equivalent to around 3X total premiums1 plus the non-guaranteed Special Bonus

Coverage for life’s unforeseen events

Receive an advance payment from the Cancer and Disability Benefit2 to cover for unexpected medical expenses. An advance payment will also apply if your child3 is diagnosed with cancer

Potential savings for your hassle-free senior years

Realise the potential growth in policy value with a choice to exercise the Policy Value Management Option4 to lock in part of the policy value for wealth preservation and financial certainty

HSBC Family Goal Insurance Plan is a whole life insurance plan with a savings element underwritten by HSBC Life (International) Limited ("HSBC Life"). It is not a bank deposit or bank savings plan. Policyholders are subject to HSBC Life's credit risk and early surrender loss. Please refer to the product brochure for details.

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Limited time offers:

Get up to 10% off your first-year premium.

Offer ends 31 October 2021. T&Cs apply

Earn up to an extra $3,000 RewardCash!

Pay new policy’s premium to HSBC Life with HSBC Premier Mastercard® Credit Card* to enjoy the offer.

Offer ends 31 December 2021. T&Cs apply


Enjoy complimentary benefits during your policy period

Get extra protection with the following supplementary benefits included in your policy, with no additional premium.

  • Terminal illness benefit5
    The death benefit can be claimed in advance if the policyholder is diagnosed with a terminal illness before the age6 of 65.
  • Unemployment Benefit7
    The policyholder will enjoy an extended premium payment grace period of up to 365 days and still receive the full protection of the policy if the policyholder is unemployed for at least 30 consecutive days before the age6 of 65.

Complimentary special benefits for COVID-19. See details

Earn an Apple Watch or RewardCash

With HSBC Family Goal Insurance Plan, you can join HSBC Life Well+, our 24-month wellness reward programme, and earn an Apple Watch8 or up to $1,200 RewardCash.

Join now and earn an extra $500 RewardCash!

See details

T&Cs apply.

How does it work

Are you eligible?

To apply, you need to:

  • be aged6 between 19 and 55 years old (depending on the premium payment terms selected)
  • meet our requirements for nationality, address and residency, which may be subject to change from time to time


Additional information

See policy details such as premium payment period, policy term and more

Policy Summary

Premium payment period/ issue age
5 or 10 years 19 to 556
15 years 19 to 506
20 years 19 to 456
Policy term Up to age6 99
Minimum sum insured (per policy) USD 25,000
Policy currency USD
Payment mode Pay in annually or monthly9

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The above plans are life insurance plan underwritten by HSBC Life (International) Limited. Policyholders are subject to the credit risk of HSBC Life and early surrender loss.

Manage your policy

Manage your policy online

Access your policy details anytime, anywhere on both your HSBC HK Mobile Banking app and our Personal Internet Banking webpage, so you can check your benefits, coverage, premium due dates and much more at your fingertips.

Make a claim

Sometimes life doesn't go according to plan and you'll want to make an insurance claim as soon as possible.

Simply call our Tele-Consultants at (852) 3128 0122 who will assist you in preparing your relevant claim request(s).

End Notes

  1. The Sum Insured as a percentage of the total premiums expected to be paid over the full premium period is a rounded percentage that varies depending on your chosen premium payment mode. If you choose monthly payments, such percentage will be lower due to higher amount of total annual premiums projected to be paid.
  2. Cancer and Disability (Advance Payment) Benefit will terminate upon the 20th policy year. Your policy will terminate once we pay this benefit to you. Please refer to the relevant policy provisions for the details of terms and conditions and exclusions.
  3. Child means a biological and adopted son or daughter, step-son, step-daughter of the life insured who is of age6 under 18.
  4. After the 20th Policy Year, if there is no outstanding policy loan or premiums, you may apply to exercise this option to lock in a portion of the Net Cash Value. The amount you choose to lock in is guaranteed upon exercising the Policy Value Management Option and will be allocated to the Policy Value Management Balance to accumulate at a non-guaranteed interest rate, which will be adjusted from time to time at HSBC Life's discretion. The exercise of the Policy Value Management Option is subject to the minimum amount requirements on (i) the Net Cash Value to be allocated per transaction; and (ii) the Policy Amount after the exercise of this option. Such minimum amount requirements are determined by the Company from time to time without prior notice to Policyholder. Please refer to product brochure for details.
  5. Terminal Illness Benefit will terminate on the Policy Anniversary at which the life insured attains the age6 of 65, or payout of such benefit or your policy is terminated (whichever is the earliest). Your policy will terminate once we pay this benefit. Please refer to the relevant policy provisions for the details of terms and conditions and exclusions.
  6. Age means the age of the life insured or the policyholder where applicable at his/her next birthday.
  7. Unemployment benefit is applicable to any policyholder aged6 between 19 and 55 years who is the holder of a Hong Kong Identity card. The benefit will terminate on the policy anniversary at which the policyholder attains the age6 of 65 or all due premiums have been paid or your policy is terminated (whichever is the earliest).
  8. By choosing an Apple Watch as your reward, you will be committing to a 24-month interest-free instalment plan via your HSBC credit card.
  9. If you choose to pay premiums in monthly payments mode for a Policy Year, the total premiums payable for that Policy Year will be greater than that in annual payment mode.

*To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!


HSBC Family Goal Insurance Plan is a life insurance plan underwritten by HSBC Life (International) Limited (“HSBC Life”) which is authorised and regulated by the Insurance Authority ("IA") to carry on long-term insurance business in the Hong Kong SAR. Please refer to the product brochure for detailed features and the policy provisions for the detailed terms and conditions.

HSBC Life is incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability, and is one of the HSBC Group's insurance underwriting subsidiaries. The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited ('HSBC') is an insurance agent authorised by HSBC Life. This product is a product of HSBC Life but not HSBC and it is intended only for sale in the Hong Kong SAR. Your benefit is subject to the credit risk of HSBC Life. Your premiums paid will form part of HSBC Life's assets. You do not have any rights or ownership over any of those assets. Your recourse is against HSBC Life only.

For monetary disputes arising between HSBC and you out of the selling process or processing of the related transaction, HSBC will enter into a Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme process with you; however, any dispute over the contractual terms of the product should be resolved between HSBC Life and you directly.