As we evolve from starting and raising our families to exploring the new horizons of our senior years, each stage of life presents its own needs and burdens.

HSBC Family Goal Insurance Plan is a 3-in-1 solution that offers peace of mind with: (1) life protection throughout various stages of life; supplemented by (2) living benefits to protect yourself and loved ones against unforeseen events such as illness and unemployment, and (3) untapped saving appreciation for a fulfilling retirement age.

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Product features

Safeguard your loved ones with life protection

Be insured against life’s unforeseen events by Cancer and Disability (Advance Payment) Benefit1, Terminal Illness2 and Unemployment benefit3 with no additional premiums required

Enjoy the hassle-free senior years with potential growth in policy value with a choice to exercise the Policy Value Management Option7,10 to lock in part of the policy value for wealth preservation and financial certainty.


HSBC Family Goal Insurance Plan is a whole life insurance plan with a savings element. It’s not equivalent or similar to any kind of deposit, and is underwritten by HSBC Life (International) Limited.

How it works

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Who can apply for Family Goal

  • To apply, your issue age4 needs to be:

    For premium payment period of Issue age4
    5/10 years 19 to 55
    15 years 19 to 50
    20 years 19 to 45

  • Meet our relevant requirements on nationality and/or addresses and/or residency, which may change from time to time

All the information you need in one place

HSBC Family Goal Insurance Plan Product Brochure (PDF, 342KB)
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Policy dividend for Participating Products (PDF, 316KB)
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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I miss a premium payment?

There is a 30-day grace period for premium payments that are due. If you cannot make the payment by the end of the grace period, your policy will immediately lapse with effect from the due date of the first unpaid premium unless an automatic premium loan equivalent to the amount of the unpaid premium is in effect and provided that the Non-forfeiture Value is greater than the amount of the relevant unpaid premium. Interest will apply on the principal of all policy loans (including any automatic premium loan) made under the policy and you will be advised of such rate of interest at that time, which may be adjusted by the Company at its discretion from time to time. If the policy lapses, any net cash value as at the first unpaid premium due date will be paid to you.

Note: Non-forfeiture Value means the net cash value calculated as at the date immediately preceding the due date of the relevant unpaid premium.

Where can I exercise the Policy Value Management Option7,10?

Policy Value Management Option7,10 may be exercised when all of the following three conditions are met:
(i) Your policy has been in force for 20 policy years or longer;
(ii) All premiums have been paid when due; and
(iii) There is no indebtedness8 (including policy loans, interests and unpaid premium due) under your policy.

What is Special Bonus?

The amount of any potential Special Bonus will be determined by us when it becomes payable. We will pay the Special Bonus (if any) to you or your beneficiary(ies) when you fully or partially surrender9 or terminate your policy, when your policy matures or discontinues, or when we pay out the Death Benefit, or the Cancer and Disability (Advance Payment) Benefit1, or the Terminal Illness Benefit2.

Upon exercising the Policy Value Management Option7,10, a portion of the guaranteed cash value and Special Bonus (if any) will be allocated to the Policy Value Management Balance10 to accumulate with interest.

The Company will provide updates on the amount of the Special Bonus, if any, on your annual statement of each policy anniversary. Such amounts shown on your annual statement(s) may be higher or lower than those illustrated on the benefit illustration at the point of sale. The actual future amounts of Special Bonus may be higher or lower than the amounts illustrated in the policy benefit illustration attached to your annual statement(s).

How much can I get back if I surrender the policy?

The surrender benefit will be equal to guaranteed cash value plus:

  • Special Bonus (if any); and
  • Policy Value Management Balance10 (if any)
  • Less indebtedness8 (if any).

Note: In the event that you have to fully or partially surrender your policy in the early years, you may receive an amount significantly less than the premiums paid.


  1. Cancer and Disability (Advance Payment) Benefit will terminate upon the 20th policy year. Your policy will terminate once we pay this benefits to you. Any pre-existing condition from which the life insured was suffering prior to the Issue Date, the Policy Date or the effective date of the last reinstatement, whichever is the latest, will be excluded. We will only pay cancer claim if the one-year waiting period has passed.
  2. Terminal Illness Benefit will terminate on the Policy Anniversary at which the life insured attains the age4 of 65, or payout of such benefit or your policy is terminated (whichever is the earliest). Your policy will terminate once we pay this benefit.
  3. Unemployment benefit is applicable to any policyholder aged4 between 19 and 55 years who is the holder of a Hong Kong Identity card. The benefit will terminate on the policy anniversary at which the policyholder attains the age4 of 65 or all due premiums have been paid or your policy is terminated (whichever is the earliest).
  4. Age means the age of the life insured or the policyholder where applicable at his/her next birthday.
  5. Child means a biological and adopted son or daughter, step-son, step-daughter of the life insured who is of age4 under 18.
  6. The Sum Insured as a percentage of the total premiums expected to be paid over the full premium period is a rounded percentage that varies depending on your chosen premium payment mode. If you choose monthly payments, such percentage will be lower due to higher amount of total annual premiums projected to be paid.
  7. You may apply to exercise this Policy Value Management Option to allocate a portion of the Net Cash Value as of the date of such request is processed, to the Policy Value Management Balance10 provided that:
    • This Policy has been in force for 20 Policy Years or more;
    • All premiums are paid up when due; and
    • There is no Indebtedness8 under the Policy.
  8. Indebtedness is the sum of all outstanding Policy Loans or Automatic Premium Loans advanced in accordance with the Policy plus the accrued interest on such loans as well as any outstanding premiums or payments.
  9. Upon the partial surrender of the Policy, a portion of the Special Bonus (if any) attributable to the reduced portion of the Sum Insured may be declared at the Company’s discretion and such amount, if any, will be payable as part of the partial surrender payment subject to the applicable requirements. Please refer to the Policy Provisions for detailed terms and conditions of partial surrender.
  10. The exercise of the Policy Value Management Option is subject to the minimum amount requirements on (i) the Net Cash Value to be allocated per transaction; and (ii) the Sum Insured after the exercise of this option. Such minimum amount requirements are determined by the Company from time to time without prior notice to Policyholder.

The above information is intended as a general summary. Please refer to the Policy Provisions for exact terms and conditions and details of the exclusions.


  • HSBC Life (International) Limited ("the Company“ or “we”) is incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability, and is one of the HSBC Group's insurance underwriting subsidiaries.
  • HSBC Family Goal Insurance Plan (“Family Goal”, the “Plan” or “Policy”) is underwritten by the Company which is authorised and regulated by the Insurance Authority (IA) to carry on long-term insurance business in the Hong Kong SAR.
  • The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (referred to as "HSBC") is an insurance agent authorised by the Company. This product is a product of the Company but not HSBC and it is intended only for sale in the Hong Kong SAR.
  • Your benefit is subject to the credit risk of the Company. Your premiums paid will form part of the Company's assets. You do not have any rights or ownership over any of those assets. Your recourse is against the Company only.
  • For monetary disputes arising between HSBC and you out of the selling process or processing of the related transaction, HSBC will enter into a Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme process with you; however any dispute over the contractual terms of the product should be resolved between the Company and you directly.
  • Please refer to the respective Product Brochure for detailed features and the Policy Provisions for the detailed terms and conditions.
  • In the event that you have to fully or partially surrender your policy in the early years, you may receive an amount significantly less than the premiums paid.