HSBC HK App v3
Upgraded Edition

Better banking, your way.

You should be able to manage your finance faster, easier and in a way that suits you better. The iOS and Android version of HSBC HK Mobile Banking app v3 (HSBC HK App) has arrived with organised, intuitive and personalised design as well as enhanced functionality to let you manage your financial life more effortlessly than ever before.


Need help?

Now you can use the “Chat with us” feature from the “Support” menu to tell us what you need help with. It's as easy as texting a friend.

All-new interface to give you more intuitive control

Instant verification for simple log on.

An upgraded interface will improve your access to all your accounts through the HSBC HK App or online banking. Just use the same log on or biometric verification credentials you previously do.

All your finances at your fingertips

The redesigned interface keeps features and services neatly organised in tabs on the bottom menu so you can navigate through the app quickly and intuitively. Now you can manage your finances, check account balance, pay bills, make FPS payments and more, all with one hand.


Everything at a glance and categorised for your clarity

One-touch access to all your accounts

  • Check all your account balances anytime, anywhere, including your personal integrated account, time deposit, credit card, investment, MPF and overseas accounts.
  • Scroll further down to apply for a new credit card, loan or insurance.
  • Make your time deposit instructions easily to stay in complete control.

Better information for better decisions

  • Instant overviews of your investment account status, asset allocations and portfolio performance, and stay up-to-date on market trends.
  • Trade stocks and foreign currencies anytime.
  • Take advantage of FlexInvest services to capture outstanding investment opportunities.

Move money and settle bills with a few clicks

  • Transfer funds and pay bills conveniently with Faster Payment System (FPS).
  • Make foreign currency transactions 24/7 and send money to overseas friends and relatives in an instant.
  • Pre-set transfer and payment instructions to always stay one step ahead of your financial requirements.

Dedicated customer service

  • Get all the support you need 24/7 through our 'Chat with us' function if you have a question.
  • It’s as simple as texting friends – a few taps, and all your questions will turn into clear, simple answers.

Personalised settings for your convenience

Easy management

Tap the "Profile" icon in the upper right-hand corner for instant access to all your eStatements and eAdvices. You can also update your small-value payment limit and other settings to suit your banking preferences.

Enhanced protection for your peace of mind

Your privacy always comes first. That’s why you now have the option to display or hide your account balance on your Home screen for even greater security.

Connecting the world

Going for a business trip or holiday? Easily set the withdrawal limit for overseas ATMs on the app in just a few seconds.


Frequently asked questions

What devices will the updated app support?

We will continue to support most devices but will stop supporting iOS/ iPadOS versions below 12.2, and Android's x86 architecture after the update in August.

You can check the full list of supported devices here:

I noticed the menu on the left has disappeared after logging on. Where can I find it?

After the update, you can find your everyday banking features in the new bottom menu.

I want to update my app settings. How do I do that on the new app?

You can tap avatar icon on the top right corner of any tabs to access the Profile tab to update your settings on security, payments. notifications, etc.

Are all the pre-set features like payment limit, auto-transfer/ payment etc. still valid with the new app?

Yes, your payment settings and preferences used before the app update remain the same. However, please note while you won't need to reset pre-existing settings, you will need to update new Stock Trading Watchlist and Alerts through Online Banking.

FX Order Watch and FX Rate Alerts existing settings won't be impacted, but if you'd like to create a new alert, you'll have to do so in Online Banking.

How do I log off from the app after the update?

You can select the Profile icon on the top right corner of any tabs, then select 'Log off' to log off securely.

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What's changing

HSBC HK App services will be changed after the upgrade.
  • Stock trading features
    'Market Information', 'Watchlist*' and 'Alerts' and 'IPO' will be temporarily suspended but are still available on online banking. Your existing orders on ‘Alerts’ will not be affected.
    Log on to online banking > 'My Investment' > select the services under 'Stocks'

  • FX trading features
    'FX Switching Service' will not be available on the app. 'Order Watch' and 'Rate Alert' for FX will be temporarily suspended but your existing orders will not be affected, and these two services are still available on online banking.
    Log on to online banking > 'My Investment' > select the services under 'FX trading'

  • RewardCash e-shop
    'RewardCash e-Shop' is now available on the HSBC HK Reward+ app.
    Log on to the HSBC HK Reward+ app > 'Use RC' > 'RC e-Shop'

  • Home insurance
    The purchase of "HomeSurance" will not be available on the app, but you can still check your policy status on the app or purchase it on the HSBC website.
    Go to the HSBC website > 'Insurance' > 'Home Insurance’

* You will need to set up your list again when you use ‘Watchlist’ on online banking or the HSBC HK Easy Invest app.


  • iOS and Android devices will receive HSBC HK App updates by mid august and early Sept respectively.
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