Promotional FAQ

Q1. What is the customer eligibility to be entitled for the Lucky Draw?

The Lucky Draw is exclusive to customers who are the sole or (if a joint account) principal account holders of any HSBC account (the “Applicable Account”) and fulfil all the following requirements (each, an “Eligible Customer” and, collectively, the “Eligible Customers”):

  1. Be aged 18 or above on 28 February 2019;
  2. Have a valid Hong Kong correspondence address under the Bank’s record; and
  3. Set the Applicable Account as the Faster Payment System (FPS) Default Bank Account via Personal Internet Banking or the HSBC HK Mobile Banking app and maintain such setting up until the end of Promotional Period.
Q2. How to get the lucky draw chance to win Sogo Gift Certificates that are worth HKD10,000?

During the Promotional Period, Eligible Customers can each get at least one (1) Lucky Draw chance by performing a designated transaction via FPS, as listed below (up to a maximum of ten (10) Lucky Draw chances each day) . Such transaction (minimum amount of HKD10/RMB10 or above) must be performed via FPS by using a mobile phone number/email address/FPS Identifier/or by scanning recipient’s QR code (where applicable). However, any transaction between two HSBC account(s) held by the same person in sole or joint names, any payment made using account number and scheduled payments will be excluded and not be regarded as designated transactions.

Designated Transaction Number of Lucky Draw Chance
Send money 1 x
Receive money 1 x
Scan to pay a merchant 2 x

An Eligible Customer who fulfils the criteria as listed above will be entitled to enter the Lucky Draw automatically to win Sogo Gift Certificates that are worth HKD10,000. One (1) Lucky Draw winner each day will be drawn randomly by computer at the end of Promotional Period. Each Eligible Customer can only be eligible for the prize once.

Q3. When I generate my FPS Identifier, I am not able to set my FPS linked account as the Default Bank Account. Am I still considered to have fulfilled the customer eligibility requirement to set HSBC as the Default Bank Account?

Yes. Because your FPS Identifier is uniquely linked to your HSBC account, this is also regarded as fulfilling the customer eligibility requirement to set HSBC as the Default Bank Account.

Q4. Am I eligible to participate in the Lucky Draw if I’m the secondary account holder of my joint account?

No. Only principal HSBC account holders of the Applicable Account are eligible to participate in the Lucky Draw.

Q5. When will I know if I am the Winner?

The Winners will be notified by SMS on or before 15 April 2019 and a redemption letter will be sent on or before 30 May 2019 to each Winner’s local correspondence address accordingly to the Bank’s record at the time of fulfillment.

The Bank reserves the right to change these terms and conditions (including the dates of the Promotional Period) and terminate the Lucky Draw at any time. The latest details of the Lucky Draw and the revised terms and conditions will be made available on the following website: