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How financially fit are you?

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By taking charge of your finances,
you can shape your financial future.

The Financial Fitness or FinFit test tells you whether:

Financial Habits

you’re keeping good financial habits to prepare for your future

Financial Knowledge

you’re applying your financial knowledge to reach your full potential

Financial Planning

you’re seizing financial planning opportunities to achieve your goals

Cyber Security & Safety

you’re using sound security measures to protect your wealth

How FinFit is Hong Kong?

Using an HSBC-approved algorithm, we’ve surveyed the banking population of Hong Kong to gauge their financial fitness across the 4 pillars above.

average score of HK’s banking population

We’ve calculated this number with survey results moderated by our own data.

How do you stack up against it?
Your FinFit score will be graded out of 100. We use the same HSBC-approved algorithm to calculate it using the secure information you’ve entered.

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