8 Wellness Tips for Cancer Patients

  • Get a buddy: Get someone who you trust and who genuinely cares to provide you with emotional support and physical help. You can also join a network of friends and family, or local support groups, such as the Hong Kong Cancer Fund’s CancerLink support centres, who can share with you their experience in tackling the same problems you are encountering.

  • Knowledge is Power: There is a lot of information out there and you should seek only hard evidence and facts. Contact cancer organisations, hospitals and your doctor for information on your particular cancer. Make sure you discuss options with your doctor before attempting any new treatment options.

  • Working with Your Doctor: Be honest with your doctor about your anxieties and needs. Discuss the pros and cons of therapies or treatments and raise your concerns. Remember, you always have the right to seek a second opinion.

  • Be Prepared to Change: Be prepared to introduce major lifestyle changes, for example, quit smoking. You may have to build a complete and integrated health regimen to help strengthen your body and to fight cancer or to prevent possible relapse.

  • Eat Healthy: Whether it is for recovery or for the prevention of cancer, healthy eating helps bring your body back to order.

  • Get Physical: Exercise brings oxygen to your cells, helps control your weight, increases your metabolism and speeds up detoxification. All these are essential for the prevention and recovery of cancer.

  • Surround Yourself with Happiness and Support: Try to relax and surround yourself with a good support group, along with positive friends and families. Try to relax and eliminate the stress of your life. A positive attitude can guide you through the tough times.

  • Form a Plan: Make plans and goals. Try planning for a happy, fulfilling future and establish a sense of purpose, which can give yourself a direction and help improve your perspective of life.

For more cancer-related information and support, please visit the Hong Kong Cancer Fund website or contact Hong Kong Cancer Fund free enquiry hotline: (852) 3656 0800


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Source: Hong Kong Cancer Fund


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